Many people will board their dogs during major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but during Halloween they don’t give it much thought. You may be wondering why it would be important to find dog boarding for your pet during a holiday that is so much fun. Here is what you may not know – Halloween can be incredibly stressful to dogs especially if they are not used to lots of comings and goings at the door.

Every time your doorbell rings your dog usually gets up to see who it is. Now imagine this happening dozens of times in one evening, and every time you open the door there’s a bunch of noisy kids there. The result – your dog will get over-aroused and by the end of the evening they will be very tired, maybe even a bit hostile. Apart from excessive stimulation there are other reasons why you should consider doggie day care for your pet during Halloween:

  • Vets work extra hard on Halloween because dogs eat too much candy and inevitably get sick. Many dog owners are careful to keep their pets away from candy but however careful you are you furry friend may still manage to get hold of some. What’s worse, because you are so busy with trick-or-treaters you will not notice until it is too late. The good news is no one goes looking for treats at the doggie day care in your neighborhood, so if you leave your pet there overnight he will be safe from excessive candy.
  • If you are still training your dog having them at home on Halloween can instill the wrong behaviors. Each time the doorbell rings you open the door, hand out candy and the kids leave. What your dog observes is you opening the door and the strangers leaving – she doesn’t know that you have to hand out candy for the people to leave. Your dog doesn’t understand that it is their job to come to the door when the doorbell rings and deter strangers.
  • You may want to put your dog in dog boarding on this particular night for your own peace of mind. In most homes what happens is the dog end up getting so agitated that he is locked away in another room. This leads to lots o barking which can make you feel very stressed, not to mention sorry for your pet. At doggie day care he will be able to settle down for a quiet evening and peaceful night and all you’ll have to deal with are trick-or-treaters.
  • If you have a guard dog it is a very good idea to have them safely out of the home on Halloween night. The continuous ringing of the doorbell and the resulting agitation can lead to unfortunate accidents such as dog bites. The last thing you want is for one of the neighborhood kids to be attacked by your pet.

Doggie day care is an affordable and safe option for your pet on Halloween night – you should take it.