A briefing on the bird food

The bird food includes all of the desired food types taken by the birds to satisfy their nutrient requirement and maintain a healthy living. For most of the farms that tame the birds for various commercial purposes, the birds are fed to have a commercial fowl and for the private bird owners, they feed the birds with various supplements available in the market for the tamed birds, one of which includes the dried mealworms for birds. The proper diet of the birds needs to be maintained in order to protect them from the diseases, malnutrition and premature death. This article discusses majorly the bulk dried mealworms for birds and their importance in the birds diet.

What are mealworms?

Mealworms are the larval forms of the mealworm beetles which undergo the metamorphosis like that of the other insect species and finally convert into the adult stage. They are known for their excellent protein content that helps the birds, mainly the fowl ones in egg production and meat production. They also contain other minerals like potassium, copper, sodium, selenium, iron, and zinc along with the other vitamins, except the vitamin B12 and henceforth would form a very important food for the proper growth of the birds. They also provide a sufficient amount of calories like 206 calories per 100 grams of raw mealworm larvae. The tamed birds that most commonly consume the mealworms include the following: –

  • Eastern and western bluebirds
  • Indigo buntings
  • Blue and great tits
  • Tufted titmice
  • Northern mockingbirds
  • Common farm fowl like hens
  • American and European Robins

The reasons to feed them

The following are some of the primary reasons for which the diet of the birds must include dried mealworms for birds: –

  • The dried mealworms are perfectly ideal as the food in terms of the perfect balance of protein, fat, and fiber that they provide in maintaining the optimal health and vigor of the bird.
  • They get mixed with the bird food easily and hence prevents any form of rejection by them on the pretext of smell or other issues.
  • They generally act to the natural diet instincts of various of the tamed birds, some of which have been mentioned earlier.
  • It is very easy to develop the dried mealworms that can be re-used for longer durations and hence won’t go away in wastes.

How to feed them?

The mealworms can be offered to the birds in roasted as well as dried forms. Although the birds prefer the live ones more, their easy mixing in dried form prevents any form of rejection by them. Some of the pointers that need to be kept in mind while feeding them are as follows: –

  • Must be fed in shallow dishes with straight and smooth sides like glass dish or small plastic jars
  • Offered in limited quantities as specified to prevent any form of infection
  • Not offering them flavored mealworms meant for human consumption as they could potentially turn out to be dangerous.

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