Are you a veterinarian who’s interested in becoming a pet groomer instead? This ever-growing industry provides plenty of job opportunities for animal lovers of all kinds. Here are some reasons why veterinarians, in particular, have been drawn to this career path. 

Work With Animals on a Daily Basis 

One of the biggest perks of this career is that you get to work with animals almost daily. This is a huge plus if you’re an animal lover. You can’t work in this field if you’re not an animal lover since this is a job that has a lot of hands-on contact with animals. You can always choose to work with a certain breed if you don’t feel comfortable with most dogs. 

Promote Pet Health 

Pet grooming St Peters MO promotes good pet health. They provide a wide variety of services such as bathing, cleaning ears, grooming fur, and trimming nails. They also comb the fur to look for any skin conditions to prevent flea and tick infestations. As a pet groomer, it’s your responsibility to inform the owner of any unusual changes with the pet’s skin or fur, so it can be addressed to a veterinarian. And, since you worked as a veterinarian, you know what issues to look out for. 

Lifetime of Education 

Groomers are always learning new skills, whether it’s performed on the job or taught at conventions and trade shows. New instruments are always introduced in this industry. If you worked previously as a veterinarian, then you know which tools and innovations can improve the quality of work. 

Unlike with veterinarians, there’s very little educational commitment. You can learn about the trade in a short time, especially if you’re already comfortable working with animals. Some groomers learn on the spot, while others go through a professional training program. Although certification isn’t required for this career, there are several options that can enhance your resume. 

Desirable Salary 

Since groomers can set their own prices for the services they perform, this allows you to make a great living. You should adjust your prices based on the time it takes to provide a service. Professional groomers with an impressive portfolio can demand high prices for their services. Groomers who work at dog and cat shows can also demand top dollar for cutting and grooming animals. 

Ability to Specialize 

Groomers can focus on providing services for specific breeds or certain animals if they choose to. On the other hand, they can also provide a wide variety of services to animals of all kinds. Some professional groomers can niche further, by providing services to animals in cat and dog shows. This is a desirable option if the groomer has achieved a certain level of skill. 

Demand for Pet Grooming Services 

According to a survey by the American Pet Product Association (APPA), pet owners spent $69.51 billion in 2017. Pet grooming made up a portion of the total, which was responsible for $4.73 billion. Spending on these services is one of the biggest factors of the pet industry and provides jobs for pet groomers and other pet providers such as veterinarians.