Most pet owners should know to have first aid kits on hand. But, did you know that you should also have a pet disaster bag? Do you have a plan in the event that something happens to you and you need someone else to care for your pets? Here are some tips to prevent a trip to an emergency vet Williamsport PA

Wallet Card and Contact Information 

The last thing you want to think about is something happening to your pet, but it is important to prepare for the worst. If you cannot contact your pet for several hours or several days, who can the emergency personnel or authorities contact? Make a card that you can carry with you in your wallet or purse, and include the same information in your phone. Most people have emergency contacts listed in their phones. Emergency responders know how to locate this information as long as your phone is not locked. If they go through your wallet or purse, they will be aware that you have pets in the home. The information stored on your card or phone should be easy to locate. 

Your information should include the address where your pets are, how many pets you own, their names, etc. It should also include a list of your emergency contacts, along with their relationship and phone numbers. You can download a template online or create a card on your word processor. 

Notices on Your Door or Window 

Place alerts on your doors or windows. A pet alert rescue sticker is crucial when you cannot enter your home but a firefighter or emergency personnel can. This sticker should include how many pets you own, what species they are, their names, etc. This allows the emergency responders to know what they are looking for. This also allows someone to enter your home and search through it if you have a pet and they need rescuing. 

Pet Power of Attorney 

Choosing a person to take care of your pets when you cannot is a step that you should not take lightly. Remember that this temporary situation could quickly become permanent. Choose one of your friends or relatives. Choose the right person who is willing to become responsible for your pets if something happens to you. 

Check in with them regularly to make sure their life circumstances and priorities have not changed. Have them sign a pet power of attorney to make it official. This written statement shows the wishes you want for your pet(s). Contact an attorney to create a legally binding contract if you have an interest in choosing one. 

Pet First Aid Kit 

It is important for you to have a pest first aid kit. Your kit should include the necessary tools for handling emergencies. This can provide a better outcome for your furry friend, and save you money from going to the emergency vet. You should have several first aid kits in your car, home, and your office. 

The most common items you should have in your kits is a digital thermometer, first aid ointment, and petroleum jelly. It is important that you know how to use each of these items to care for your pet. Pet first aid kits are great gifts to give to anyone who is caring for your pets. 

Pet Disaster Bag 

A pet disaster bag helps you stay prepared in the wake of a disaster situation. In addition to your pet first aid kit, you should also have canned food, collars with your pets names on it, extra leashes, copies of your pets’ rabies certificates, and Tupperware for storage of food and water. You can keep everything in a duffel bag or a heavy-duty box. 

It is completely to worry about your pets. They are like your kids. Take a first aid class and CPR class. Prepare for disaster for your family, and for when you cannot get to your pets that are at home. Make it easy for first responders to find your pets. Choose the right people to constantly check on them and to make decisions on your behalf.