Do you know how to tell if your pet is feeling a little under the weather? Often times our beloved furry family members are really fantastic masters of disguise. This ability to hide an illness or injury goes way back in their lineage; in the wild, the weakest among them would be the most vulnerable to predators, adversaries, and even their own family members. Showing an injury or illness went against their very nature, and the consequences were literally a death sentence for many animals. 

Don’t Rely On Symptoms Alone.

Unfortunately, this ingrained behavior sometimes keeps our pets from seeing the veterinarian on a regular basis. Pet owners have the impression that their pet seems fine when there could be something that the animal is expertly hiding. If your dog has an obvious injury, the most logical among us take them to a doctor. However, there are injuries and ailments that are not so obvious including nasty parasites such as heartworm and hookworm among others. Your pet can be given life-saving medication to prevent these parasites, diseases, and illnesses. A veterinarian in seattle for example, could screen your pet for the most common diseases in the northwest region to jump start any vaccinations that your dog, cat, bird, reptile, or livestock may need. 

Preventable And Treatable Illnesses Can Save A Life.

The proactive approach saves many animals each year, and having routine examinations not only keeps your pet in optimum health, your pet will be a lot less likely to be a fearful patient if they are given these routine exams. Seattle, Washington is a great city, with some of the best minds in veterinary medicine. There are an estimated 153,000dogs in Seattle, and it is important to keep them healthy. Cold weather can impact conditions such as arthritis and a veterinarian will help you manage their pain. 

Keeping Your Pet Strong And Healthy Is Up To YOU.

The fact is, we don’t know what we don’t know, right? So if there is something that can help your pet live to his or her fullest potential, wouldn’t you want to embrace that? Of course you would. Keeping routine appointments and well-checks as part of your calendar can ease your mind for your furry pal. After all, they’re counting on you to do what is best for them. Since pets do not have the ability to schedule appointments, navigate to the doctor, and fill prescriptions. This is the responsibility we assume when we decide to adopt a pet. They need a balanced diet, exercise, clean water, shelter, and a good veterinarian and these things are just the very basics of owning an animal. 

Pets Are Family, Not A Status Symbol.

It is not a hobby to own a pet, it is a commitment to the excellence of the animal. Prepare for many years of love, loyalty, and smiles with having a loving pet, but the requirements and responsibility are on us to maintain their health, happiness, and longevity. It is more than just throwing down a bone to have a well-balanced pet. Always make sure you are prepared for the expense, the care, and incidentals that come along when you bring a pet into your home. Do your research, plan, and prepare before committing to any animal. They deserve to be happy too!