Pet Advice is all about keeping the animals you have in your home safe and secure. This covers a large array of things such as pet food, emotions, health, accessories, and other things that we feel are important to looking after a happy and healthy pet. 

Throughout this blog, we will be giving advice and suggestions based on our own experiences with our animals and hopefully this will help to give you a boost with your pet care, or just some peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for them because at the end of the day they are part of the family!

We are Vanessa and Henry Jackson, a couple of crazy pet owners who absolutely adore animals. We live in Oregon with our two children and a whole bunch of animals. 

Here is a quick list of them: 

3 Dogs – Trudy, Lola, Brody

2 cats – Oliver and Rubix

6 Chickens – Roger, Crissie, Gloria, Ruby, Freda and Tracy

3 Fish – Hocus, Pocus, and Witchy

1 Rabbit – Bex

Now you may think that we are mad having this many animals but honestly, most of them have been rescued and live in our large backyard with tonnes of land to roam and be free. We love every single one of our pets and the kids makes great helpers with feeding and looking after them!

Now you may be thinking “how can you afford all these animals!” well Henry is an accountant for a law firm and Vanessa is a private mental health counsellor, so we both have full-time jobs to support our big family!

We hope to bring you some great advice so that you can enjoy and care for your pets in the most amazing and fulfilling way!