How to Prepare for Puppy’s Arrival

Welcoming a puppy into your family is one of the most exciting times of your life. But before you go out and buy that adorable puppy, you should first prepare your home. After all, puppies are a handful. Nothing brings joy like a newborn puppy. But regardless of how adorable and cuddly your puppy is, […]

How Much CBD Oil is Good for My Dog?

A growing number of pet parents are on the lookout for ways to provide comfort to their dogs, often resorting to CBD oils for their pets. CBD oil for pets is a health supplement made from hemp and contains a compound called cannabidiol, or CBD. While CBD oil is safe to use for some pets, […]

Benefits of Dog Adoption

Adopting a dog is a wonderful decision. First, you get to connect with an animal in need of loving care. Second, you get to give back by adopting from a shelter and saving a life. And third, you get to help spread that loving care to others. But dogs are an incredibly expensive habit. In […]

5 Alternatives to Rawhide Chews

Chewing rawhide is a fun way for dogs to keep their teeth strong, but it can lead to serious health problems if you don’t supervise the amount of time your dog chews. Chews are a great way to help your dog’s teeth stay clean and maintain a healthy weight, but it’s important to remember that […]

How To Get Your Home Ready For Your New Pet

Before you add a new pet to your family, you want to make sure your home is ready to welcome him or her. Here are some tips to help make your home ready for your new pet. Pets are wonderful additions to our lives, but they can also wreak havoc on our homes and our […]

Why Letting A Bird Into Your Home Could Be A Great Option

While we all love our pets, they can also be a huge responsibility. From buying them food and toys to cleaning up after them, they can easily become a burden on your day-to-day life. But if this doesn’t bother you, then perhaps you should consider bringing a pet into your home. Birds are a perfect […]

Looking After a Lizard: What to Know

Lizards are fascinating creatures, and the easiest way to get started keeping one as a pet is to get a baby skink. Of course, there are other options: you could get a young bearded dragon or a ball python, or even a corn snake. But, in most cases, they will require more time, effort, and […]

Why Outside Cats Are Bad For The Environment

Most of us love cats, but some people are a little worried about them. It seems every time there seems to be a new cat trend, there is a rumor that cats are responsible for destroying a big part of the world. The truth is, cats aren’t the most damaging species to the environment, but […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiking with Pets

There are lots of benefits to hiking with your pet, but you should first be aware of the potential risks. When hiking with pets, you risk the potential for your pet to be injured or killed by a bear or other animal or to run away if they are not used to the trails. Hiking […]