Six Subtle Signs Your Cat Loves You

When it comes to cats, your cat has a lot of free time on its hands and is free to check out any and every little thing it comes across. That includes you, of course. But, if you pay close attention, you may notice an array of small and subtle behaviors that cats demonstrate when they want to make themselves known.  

However, not all cats are friendly. There are breeds whose entire purpose in life is to be unfriendly. Some love to cuddle up in your lap, while others will hiss and chase their tails when you try to pet them. And that’s not even counting the strays that won’t even greet you when you come home if they don’t already know you.

There’s no doubt that cats love us, but how do you know when your cat loves you? Sure, they’ll purr and play whenever you come home, but are they happy to see you? The problem is, cats don’t vocalize feelings like dogs do (unless you’re talking about the “meow” sound cats make, but it’s more like a throaty grumble). So, what are the subtle signs that your cat loves you?  

Most people assume their cat loves them unconditionally when in reality, cats do have preferences in whom they love. Some cats love certain people over others, but sometimes they love you just because you’re there. These are just some of the subtle signs that your cat loves you.

How Do You Know If your Cat loves you?

The world is full of the cutest cats, but how do you tell if your cat is secretly in love with you? You could have a friend or family member look at them every day, but that’s no fun.  

Pet owners know that even the least affectionate of our furry friends show us their love. But, the signs of cat love are often so subtle that we tend to miss them.

Cats are the ultimate snobby pets. They have about as much personality as a rock, but they love to be pampered by their humans. It’s not that hard to figure out that cats are just happy to have someone take care of them.

Cats are considered the most popular pet, but what makes them so special? Is there more to it than just their cute little faces? Why do they seem to capture the attention of so many people, even though they are not all that different from dogs? How do they show their love to their owners? While some cats are more affectionate than others, some signs can help you determine if your cat is happy with you.

Here are six ways that everyone can tell if their cat is actually into them:

– They love sleeping on your lap.

– They like to play with your hair.

– They like to follow you around.

– They like to watch your TV.

– They like to cuddle next to you.

– They like to be petted.

And how would you know if he/she loves you? After all, you can’t always see your cat’s face. If your cat is a cat with a lot of personalities, his/her face might not be the best way to read his/her emotions. Is your cat’s tail wagging? Is he/she purring? Is he/she staring at you with those big, soulful eyes? If so, then your cat is pretty much a perfect companion, and it might be a safe bet that he/she loves you.

Without you knowing it, your cat is constantly showing you that they love you. They try to be the best pet that they can for you. They are affectionate, show appreciation for your efforts, and are always ready to play. But it’s so easy to forget all these little things about our furry friends. That’s why I have compiled the mentioned list of six subtle signs your cat loves you so that you can enjoy the love of your cat that much more (and maybe even give them a few treats).

Deep down, we all know our cats want to be loved and cared for and that they only want the best for us and their lives. And while we may not always notice the subtle signs that our cats love us, we can, and we should since they’re there for a reason.

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