The Best Toys for Cats

While they might be much more independent than their canine counterparts, cats also need toys and entertainment from their humans, especially kittens and house cats that are not able to go outside. Fortunately, there are plenty of toys out there to help satisfy their need to chase, kick and chew to their hearts’ content. Let’s look at some of the best options for your feline friend here.

  • A rainbow cat charmer

A rainbow cat charmer is one toy that’s popular with many cats. The charmer comes in various colors, each with a different texture. The rainbow cat charmer is usually made with fabric, with a plastic wand for the human to hold, but some are also made with jelly, plastic, or other types of material.

  • Robotic toy with 360-degree movement

A robotic toy with 360-degree movement allows your cat to be the boss (even if she’s stuck in your living room). The sensor (included) detects your cat’s movements and then changes direction, encouraging your cat to give chase. Some of these toys even have a feather or toy attached to them to facilitate play even more. These cat toys are automatic, so your cat won’t need to push buttons (although you will need to turn it on and off yourself), and most of them run on batteries.

  • Bergan Soft and Chewy Covered Cat Pillow

If you’re looking for gifts to keep your cat cozy, something like the Bergan Soft and Chewy Covered Cat Pillow is a good option. The pillow is soft, and the covered design helps cats stay on the pillow instead of off. It’s also filled with catnip, and the beads inside provide your cat with a soothing sensation as they roll around.

  • SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat

The SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat is where your cat can do just that. This cat plays mat makes the perfect place for your cat to nap and play. Its rubber base anchors it to the floor and sturdy material means it can withstand some serious clawing, and it has a variety of tunnels and other holes for your cat to hide in for a sleep, or a surprise attack on an unsuspecting human! Plus, it’s fully washable so you can use it for a long time. 

  • Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks is a brand-new cat toy that has three layers of tracks, each with its own attractive-looking ball for your cat to bat around with its paw Because it has multiple layers, more than one cat can use it at the same time, so it’s ideal if you have multiple cats. It’s made of durable (and very eye-catching) bright orange plastic that can withstand your cat’s rough play. 

  • Kong Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy

The Kong Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy is designed specifically for cats. It’s made of tough material that doesn’t fall apart easily, and it comes with three dangling options. Cats love chasing feathers, and this toy ensures plenty of fun.

  • Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Chew Toy

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Chew Toy is a durable chew toy with a mesh netting material to help clean your cat’s teeth as they chew. The toy is filled with freshly dried mint for fresh breath, and the leaves have a crinkle effect that your cat will enjoy as they swat it around. 

  • From The Field’s Shelby the Hemp Mouse

Shelby, the Hemp Mouse, is a cat toy made of hemp and is filled with catnip. It’s not just any catnip; it’s Hemp Catnip which is made from 100% organic hemp. Hemp Catnip is the first and only catnip product on the market that’s legally grown in the United States without the use of pesticides. The toy is all-natural and safe for cats.

  • Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser Original 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Toy

Pet laser exercisers are one of the most popular toys on the market, and they are an excellent option to help your feline friend get active without the risk of injury. Cats love to play with laser toys, as they stimulate and challenge your cat’s mind to work out how to catch the laser. The Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser Original 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Toy is an interactive laser toy that encourages exercise and strengthens your cat’s natural instincts.

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