How to Prepare for Puppy’s Arrival

Welcoming a puppy into your family is one of the most exciting times of your life. But before you go out and buy that adorable puppy, you should first prepare your home. After all, puppies are a handful.

Nothing brings joy like a newborn puppy. But regardless of how adorable and cuddly your puppy is, it’s important to recognize the high level of responsibility that comes with taking on the responsibility of a pet. Puppies need daily feedings, lots of exercises, adequate space to romp and play, and consistency to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted, well-behaved, and loving companions. Preparing for the puppy’s arrival will make the transition go much easier.

Puppies are full of excitement and energy. They will do anything to please you. It is up to us as their parents to give them a safe, happy, and loving home. Having a puppy can be a lifelong rewarding experience, but much like an infant, puppies require a great deal of care and affection. Our puppies are very precious to us, and we want them to be safe, happy, and well-adjusted.

Tips to Prepare for Puppy’s Arrival

  1. Bedding – Help your puppy adjust by providing them with comfortable bedding.
  2. Puppy mats – Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times of any new parent’s life, but the excitement can quickly turn into a panic when you realize that your new puppy isn’t potty trained and you don’t have any puppy mats ready to house him. All your adorable puppy will have to do is take the youngest bedroom, and you can’t avoid crying when you see the mess, so it’s important to be prepared.
  3. Crate – A puppy is a bundle of energy and curiosity, and while that’s wonderful, it comes with a whole lot of responsibility. From potty training to leash training, there is a lot of ground to cover in their young lives. And that includes introducing them to their crate. Puppies can be destructive and chew on anything in sight. A crate is a space that your dog can have alone to feel safe. It’s also where they sleep and relax.
  4. Food and water bowls – Puppies can be a lot of work. Even if you plan to buy them from a breeder, chances are you will still have to clean their kennels and make sure you provide lots of food and water.
  5. Toy – After spending months, even years, in the loving home of a human, a puppy can feel lost and abandoned when it arrives at your home. The transition from home to home can take some time, so it is important to be as prepared as possible. One way to prepare your furry family member for a new home environment is by giving it something to play with. A toy is a great way to help a puppy become familiar with its new surroundings.
  6. Cleaning supplies – Puppies are adorable, and their squishy little bodies may make you feel like you just want to pick them up and squeeze them. But puppies are messy, too. You know it, I know it — even your puppies realize it. Puppies have claws, which they use to climb onto stuff and scratch things up. They also like to drool—a lot. So, if you want to minimize your puppy’s messes and help you get through those first few days with their endless energy, there are a few supplies you should keep on hand.

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but they can also be a handful. Before welcoming your new puppy home, make sure you have everything ready and that your new puppy is comfortable, happy, and not overwhelmed. Create the puppy’s first home by cleaning her previous home, removing items she is likely to chew or destroy, and preparing for her arrival.

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