How to Choose a Puppy for Your Kid

Kids are going crazy for puppies these days. There are puppy parties, puppy cafes, and even puppy yoga classes popping up everywhere. But before you bring home that puppy, it’s important to consider a few things. How large of a dog do you want? What type of dog do you want, and what type of lifestyle do you have? Do you have the time to devote to a puppy?

Picking a puppy for your child is a big decision. You want the dog to be the right size, have the right temperament, and fit with your family. But there are a lot of other factors to consider, too, like whether you want a male or female, what kind of dog you think you’ll want, and then there’s the cute factor.

Ways to Choose a Dog for Your Kid

Selecting the Right Breed

Choosing a new puppy to bring into your family is a big decision, so take time to consider your options. When it comes to choosing a puppy, you’ll want to consider the breed around which one will be raised. There are three basic dog breeds to consider: 

  • Small breeds – A small breed is best for someone starting with owning a dog. These breeds have shorter snouts and smaller mouths, doing training and living with them easier.
  • Medium breeds – medium breeds are a good middle ground between small and larger breeds. Medium breeds include dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.
  • Large breeds – large breeds are the largest of dogs and come with their own set of challenges. They are typically high-energy dogs, require extra exercise, and are best suited for families with lots of time to spend with them.

Choosing a Dog for the Right Age

Picking a puppy isn’t just about picking out a color, size, or cost. While these factors are important, how you like the puppy for your kid has a lot to do with how they will grow up with it.

  • Avoid puppies – Picking a puppy for your children can be a tough decision. You want a new family member that’s cute, healthy, and well-behaved. Although a puppy is cute for the kid, you need the attention of the puppies 24/7.
  • Be wary of very old dogs – Getting a pup is an exciting time. Whether it’s your first or fifth dog, the thought of a new dog in the house is exciting. But you know what’s not exciting? A dog whose age is beyond reasonable. Old dogs tend to be harder to care for in general, which means their vet bills and care can be pretty expensive. 

Meeting and Selecting Your Dog

Puppies can be a great addition to a family, but finding the right puppy for your little one is no easy task. Knowing the basics of choosing your puppy is the first step to making sure your new addition fits in with your existing family. Be sure to check out how to choose a puppy for your kid.

  • Contact a local shelter – Fortunately, there are steps you can take to find the most appropriate puppy for your family. Contact a local shelter and ask to visit the animals. Talk to the staff and volunteers to find a dog that your child will love and that’s the right fit for your family.
  • Interact with potential dogs – Every parent wants their kids to have dogs, but it can be hard to choose a pup that will be a good fit for your child. Before you commit to picking out a puppy, you should spend some time interacting with potential dogs. Ask your child to show you how they interact with the dog, and pay attention to how they react to the pup. Ask your child if the pup is a good fit for them. Get your child involved in the adoption process once you’ve found the pup you want.

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